I'm Going Gluten & Dairy-Free!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Yes, you read the title right! I feel very empowered and inspired to be typing this right now because I am kind of still in shock, but I feel great about my decision to start a diet. 

I've been really focusing on my lifestyle choices and want to improve that and focus on my overall wellness and my husband's as well. I've been purchasing healthier foods, getting back into yoga, essential oils, and I've been taking the time to journal more to focus on growth and revealing myself to myself. Now, at the beginning of the year, I fell off terribly because I was always craving McDonald's Quarter Pounder with a side of Medium Fries (cooked to order exactly because I only eat my fries fresh), pizza with extra Parmesan, and a LOT of chocolate anything- cake, Lil Debbie cakes, etc. So, let's just say my cravings and satisfying them 80% of the time made my health deteriorate and I stopped focusing on making healthier lifestyle choices. And, of course, I gained a lot of weight on TOP of the marriage weight I gained, I was always tired all of the time, and I was honestly just becoming a lazy person. I knew then...

It was time to change.

​So, I've been doing some research and have been consulting with some of my girlfriends and they were expressing to me how going gluten and dairy-free has made a huge impact on them physically and even emotionally and mentally. They started feeling better and not feeling sluggish, their skin started to clear up and they, altogether, were losing weight, of course, and feeling better. So, after some serious contemplation, I decided that I want to try out this diet for myself and see if I am able to like it, enjoy it, and maybe even stick with it forever (and ever!) 

I'm not going to lie, I am so FRICKEN SCARED! Honestly, going Gluten-Free was not my concern because most of the food I was consuming was labeled Gluten-Free already; my concern was going Dairy-Free. I was thinking- "How the heck am I going to go Dairy-Free when I've been eating dairy ALL OF MY LIFE!" But, believe it or not, I feel like it's not going to be that bad. I already love coconut and almond milk and used to make certain handcrafted drinks with them when I used to work at Starbucks, so, I am already familiar with the milk alternatives, it's more of how am I going to feel about Dairy-Free cheese (which I LOVE cheese) and what do I do if I am craving pizza! Those are my ONLY concerns!

But, as of 6 APRIL 2020, I am officially starting the Gluten and Dairy-Free diet journey! I already spent a day going shopping for all of my GF and DF ingredients and snacks to fill my fridge and pantry and make room for them. And my husband is REALLY supportive of me doing this as well and he even said he'll try a few dishes with me! (We'll see how long that lasts!)

Alright, my friends, that's all I wanted to blab about today and I will keep you guys updated on how my journey is going with week-to-week posts and let you guys know of the progress I've been making! 

In a world full of trends, be yourself xx

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