Gluten & Dairy-Free Grocery Shopping List For Beginners (+ UPDATE!)

Hi, friends! So, I am officially THREE WEEKS of being gluten and dairy-free and I feel uh-mazing! Just a little update- I have been having a lot of energy, I am having a lot of fun, and hubby even notices that I'm slimming down a bit and it's only been THREE WEEKS!

The only fast-food restaurants that I'm really only able to eat because of my diet is Chipotle. I had to alter what I usually order, but I'm still able to enjoy a nice meal from my favorite restaurant! (I will make a blog post about what I order at Chipotle. Stay tuned!)

Besides going gluten and dairy-free, I have been diving into holistic healing and have been taking natural nd supplements and vitamins and have been doing pilates and HIIT workouts every other day (I'll make a post about that as well so you guys can get a proper workout!)

So, I have been posting my gluten and dairy-free grocery finds on social media and I have been getting a lot of questions in regards to where do I shop, what do I buy, and even questions on what it tastes like. Well, I am going to share with you my grocery list with you all who are contemplating switching to gluten and dairy-free!

The day before I started my new journey, I spent the entire day cleaning out my old pantry of the horrible foods that I had to make room for the new groceries I was purchasing (and I had my last little cheat day of all the foods I really loved! *insert crying face emoji*)

Originally where I'm from in Virginia, I would take a nice trip to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, but now that I am in Florida, it would take a nice LONG trip to get to those stores. So, I settled for Walmart when I did my first set of shopping. (I am still exploring other stores and if you have any recommendations, please leave a comment!)

So, if you are wanting to try gluten and dairy-free for the first time, I definitely recommend this list because it's not TOO much, but just enough to get you started.

I remember when I first contemplated the thought of gluten and dairy-free, I was concerned about 1) what is the cheese going to taste like and 2) what about making sweet treats. But, believe it or not, it tastes JUST the same, if not better.

I am definitely going to link every single grocery item that I was able to find at my local Walmart and you will know what to look for!

1. Enjoy Life chocolate chip morsels (I prefer dark chocolate!)

2. Birch Benders Paleo pancake mix

3. Country Crock avocado butter

4. Bob's Red Mill rolled oats

5. Magnum non-dairy sea salt and caramel ice cream

6. Daiya meatless pepperoni pizza (I'm not vegan! I put real gluten-free pepperonis on my pizza)

7. Sam's Choice gluten-free bread

8. So Delicious coconut milk yogurt

9. Silk vanilla yogurt

10. Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free bagels

11. Follow Your Heart dairy-free cheese

12. Tessamae's classic ranch

13. Glutino gluten-free cookies

14. Silk sweetened vanilla almond milk

15. Katz gluten and dairy-free donuts

16. Banza chickpea pasta

Also, during your gluten and dairy-free journey, you definitely want to make sure you are eating tons of broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and other cruciferous vegetables. I made a personal decision to switch from white potatoes to sweet potatoes and also make sure you have a sufficient amount of protein like chicken and fish. Personally, I am limiting my consumption of red meat and pork (I will make a blog post on this being my reason)

In a world full of trends, be yourself xx

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